Customer Stories

Toowong Private Hospital

Toowong Private Hospital

Brisbane’s leading private mental healthcare facility has recently installed Radix DM to take control of, protect and organise their documents in a secure location…..

Initial Scene

When Toowong Private Hospital first approached Radix there was:

  • a need for a more efficient way to standardise documents;
  • limited document security options;
  • need for a more sustainable structure to allow for organisation growth;
  • evolving processes and procedures that needed to be organised, kept secure and in the one place.

How the Radix DM Helps

  • This was a big job so the team had to break it into smaller, more manageable pieces;
  • They have configured the software to work seamlessly with the hospitals work flow;
  • Created library groups in the hospital’s language, using their terminology;
  • Tidied up the policies and procedure documents, coded and kept them all together.

End Result

Toowong Private Hospital now have a seamless document management system that keeps everything in the one location, all documents are easy to find and the system implemented is incredibly easy to use and accessible to all staff with the appropriate permissions.

Justine Neville – Executive Assistant to the CEO of TPH
‘The process of implementing RadixDM was great and the Radix software guys have been helpful, friendly and easy to work with. I am looking forward to getting stuck into it and being able to have control over all processes and documentation.’