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Lemonis/Tantiprasut Lawyers

Lemonis/Tantiprasut Lawyers Testimonial

A Perth based law firm; Lemonis/Tantiprasut has recently joined the bandwagon and had Radix DM installed to help them organise their documents.

Mintie Tantiprasut, Director or Lemonis/Tantiprasut was kind enough to send us through an email letting us know how much she loved Radix DM…

Hi James,

I just wanted to let you know that we are all very happy with Radix DM and it has made our lives so much easier by having all documents (including emails, PDF, word, Excel) all in the one folder in Radix rather than trying to find things in Microsoft Office.

We have only been using the software for this week but the difference is amazing! It’s also very user friendly.

Thanks !

Mintie Tantiprasut