Customer Stories

Cannon Pastoral Pty Ltd

Noel Cannon – Director

Radix is not only efficient, reliable, and operationally stable, but it continues to innovate our office administration, research, reporting and document archiving procedures to such an extent that I would be lost without it.

Apart from now having all documents at one’s fingertips, I have found end of year accounting procedures are now almost effortless. The accountants are also pleased, having only a CD or two to archive, instead of reams of paper. Plus there are no longer any queries about “missing documents”. Company archive research is now effortless and legal matters are managed with great efficiency. Missing or lost invoices are a thing of the past.

Of course, all of this is only possible if the software makes “filing” documents a user friendly task, not a chore. Radix does this in style with its templates structures and pre organised fields. Simply good programming.