New Site Implementation

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Congratulations on ordering Radix DM! We will be providing implementation services to get Radix DM rolled out for you. Here you will find useful information regarding this implementation project.

Project Roles

We like to be clear about who is doing what. There are four important roles in this implementation project.

Client Coordinator. This is the person in your organisation that will coordinate the implementation of Radix DM. Strong technical skills are not required but a good working knowledge of the organisation is essential.

Radix DM Administrator. This on-going role in your organisation is responsible for the administration of Radix DM including adding and removing users, managing security and training new staff. The Client Coordinator often becomes the Radix DM Administrator at the end of the implementation project.

Project Manager. We provide a Project Manager who will coordinate the tasks required to successfully implement Raidx DM and work with your IT people.

Implementation Consultant. We will provide the technical resources to install Radix DM and do the confguration.

Communicating with your Staff

It is very important to the success of the project to let your staff know what is happeneing and when. It is the Client Coordinator’s role to keep your staff informed. Please do not hesitate to discuss this with your Project Manager should you have any queries.

Implementation Questionnaire

We require important information about key contacts and your network before installation can begin.

Please complete the New Site Questionnaire as soon as possible.

Most of the details are technical in nature. If you prefer your IT person to complete this form please email them this link:

The Design Process

The key to getting the most from Radix DM is to design a set of Library Groups that best meets your needs. The results of the design process should be captured in the Microsoft Excel Library Group Design and Security Worksheet.

Please download this file from the Knowledgebase section of the Radix DM Support Centre.

Note: You will need to register at the Support Centre before you can access the Knowledge Base. Please see the Support page for more information.

Any Questions?

Your Project Manager is here to help. During the project we encourage you to post questions on Basecamp, or you can call your Project Manager anytime.